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The future of plasma TVs

November 7th, 2012 | Posted by Cathy in Plasma TV

For years now, people have been speculating about the future of plasma TVs and every time people think the plasma TV is going under, it manages to make a spectacular comeback. Right now, the future isn’t looking too good for plasma and it needs another comeback. Can it make one though?

The main problem for Plasma TVs seems to be a negative reputation. Most people think plasma TVs consume much more power than LCD and LED TVs and because of that, they tend to stay away from them. The difference is a lot smaller than most people think, however, and most people probably wouldn’t even notice the difference on their power bill.

Another problem is that most plasma TVs don’t look very good in showrooms. Showrooms are often very well lit and that is when plasma TVs perform at their worst. To bring out the best in the plasma TV you need a relatively dark room. Most electronics dealers won’t mention this though and because of that many consumers choose for LCD or LED after comparing the image quality in a showroom.

When the image quality of plasma is compared to LCD or LED in a dark room however, the difference is huge. In such environment, plasma TVs have superior contrast and on top of that the black levels are just much better on plasma. Besides the better image quality in dark rooms, plasmas are usually also quite a bit cheaper than LCD or LED TVs with the same diagonal.

So plasmas do offer huge benefits over LED and LCD. Can it make another comeback though? It’s hard to say. The technology is definitely great. Use an hdmi cable to hook up a Bluray player to a plasma TV (in a dark room) and it will show you an image quality that can’t be matched by any LCD/LED TV. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this and as a result the future of plasma is still very uncertain.


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